Be Present and Give Dojo Your 110%

posted May 2, 2015, 10:03 PM by JM Pang   [ updated Aug 27, 2015, 9:41 AM ]

Dear all,

Many times we are caught up in between work/life/dojo practise.

Take a step back and think about it... Do you find your passion and happiness doing what you do? Why are you studying what you study at school? Why are you staying up late at office when everyone else has gone home? Why do you decide to stay and train at dojo? No one can guarantee everything that we do now returns pleasure, but please find pleasure in something that you have decided to do in your life.

If one's purpose is to step into dojo to get fit, come in, train at your 110% and one's fitness level will improve. If one's purpose is to step into dojo to make friends, come in, train at your 110% and make lot of friends. If one's purpose is to step into dojo to learn self defense, come in, train at your 110% and you will notice a boost in awareness and confident on the street. There are many reasons for a person to practise Aikido. I believe all reasons are valid and all have their places in Aikido.

There are ups and downs in one's life. I believe Sensei, Sempai and all students acknowledge them. Nonetheless Aikido is a martial art. Aikido is a budo (武道). A great deal of respect, discipline, quality, commitment and obligation are involve. Being present at dojo, focus and train hard are the least that we as students can do.

All of us are striving to find a balance point between different aspects of life but one must be aware that there are time and sessions for everything. If a part of our life demands more attention at a specific time, trust your gut feeling and go take care of it. If you are facing issue at work/school/home that hamper your daily keiko, politely ask for some time off to resolve it and come back strong! To my knowledge, Aikido (or any form of body movement activity) actually helps to relax one's mind so we can think better, clearer. See Aikido practice as a opportunity to 'let go' and you will look forward to every single class.

If you decided to be a gardener, be the best gardener to the best of your knowledge. If you have decided to learn Aikido, train and give it your best. Aikido is unique in the sense that there is no stage competition. You are training hard to be a better you.

Stay vibrant, stay alive!


JM Pang
-1st May 2015-

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