Self Defense Class 自卫防身教学

Self Defense class focus on the application of techniques against potential threats and violence. The main differences between this class and Aikido class are, additional topics/techniques introduced:
  • Safety awareness
  • Effective body movements
  • Striking (punch/kick)
  • Locking techniques
  • Ground control

All techniques are broken into modules that can be picked up by the public irregardless of gender/size/age. This Self Defense class is designed to suit the ladies or anyone who feel overwhelmed in traditional martial arts. No martial arts background is required.

Please contact us for more info on workshops and team building events for schools, organizations, corporate and the public.

Our aim is to enable you be ready against various situations. This bring martial arts to a whole new level of learning.

The side effects after the class are: you will get in shape and feel healthy!

General self defense, women self defense, ladies self defense, or self defense class for the public.