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Boon Kooi & Rex Chee's Last Day; Ishinkan Members' Visit
L. Chu (2017)
Daiki Okuyama (2017)
Arfa, 2016
Mark Brown, 2015

Martin Dörr, 2015

Van Tran Sensei with JM Pang after keiko

Dong Thao Le Dinh, October 2013


Wee and family. Penang Dojo students since 2013.

Dr. Eugene Ch’ng. University of Nottingham Ningbo China Aikido Club.

Boon Kooi & Rex Chee's Last Day; Ishinkan Members' Visit

posted Mar 22, 2017, 8:43 PM by JM Pang

An evening Aikido class with Mr. Chaye, Mr. Arfa, Mr. Han, Ms. Maya and BM Dojo members.

This was also the last keiko day for Boon Kooi and Rex before heading to Japan. It was a pleasure having both of you with us. All the best in your study journey!


JM Pang

When Martial Arts Go Beyond Punches, Kicks and Medals - L. Chu (2017)

posted Mar 21, 2017, 8:15 AM by JM Pang   [ updated Aug 29, 2017, 6:43 PM ]

I have just retired from the work force last year. I thought I would have time to get down to what I had wanted to do upon retirement. The maid who took care of my special needs child-like adult daughter had gone home after working for us for 5 years. 

My daughter had maids all her life. As she had fever and fits from the age of 2, she could not attend normal school. She was used to being pampered and having her needs met.

All went well initially until my daughter began to resent having to learn to cope on her own. She probably felt that I had sent her maid away and started to throw tantrums. She was struggling with the authority at home which happened to me mostly since I am more home-based now.

It was like a power struggle at home. At times she physically challenged the father and brother to fights. She could not accept the changing circumstances especially when she could not get her way. One of which being choice and frequency of food since she was very over weight and doctors have been admonishing us over her obesity.

At times when the father or brother could not calm her down due to some unmet needs of hers and she had become very aggressive, they had to physically restraint her by the only thing men know... i.e. by hitting her hard. That made me upset and her too because she became more emotionally unstable. Ironically, it could have been her way of getting the wrong kind of attention. 

After the fights, she would cry and become emotionally upset and I had to deal with all the show slowly began to wear me out. At wits' end, I decided to find a way to prevent her from being at the mercy of the strong men in the house. Which means I had to learn to stop her from hitting out at others just because she wanted things in her own way.

I began to search and came upon Aikido self-defence and the name of Mr. Pang. Without hesitation, I wrote to Mr. Pang via his email and explained to him the situation. I did not know him but really hoped he would help me.

What a surprise it was when he phoned me to enquire further. I was so happy to have someone made himself available to help me out of my distress. After all he does not even know me yet; he was like a knight in shining armour.

Mr. Pang made his lessons interesting and easy to follow. He also adapted a few moves to suit my senior age as I had been mentally exhausted for months.

With the tactics he taught me patiently,
I began to feel more calm and confident when I had to handle unpleasant situations. I no longer panicked and made distress statements when my daughter turned aggressive at being offended for some unknown reason. When she knew she could not out-manoeuvre mummy anymore, she learnt to stop trying the aggressive moves which she could have learnt from watching too much TV drama in the past.

With that I became confident again and was able to take her out on her favourite outings and joy-ride without fear of her trying to blackmail me in public especially, through her physical scare tactics. 

Things are much calmer at home as my daughter no longer try to physically challenge us anymore and more things could be done in a better home environment.  Relationships have also improved with less flare-up and harmony is more prevalent at home now. Although from time to time she slips back into her tantrum-like pattern, it does not get out of hand as I am better able to manage her.

The lessons, tactics and skills I learnt at self-defence sessions with Mr. Pang have fulfilled their objectives. It was worth my time spent and I have no regrets whatsoever. I only wished I could have learnt it earlier. It is never too late to start.

Aikido is gentle yet effective even for a senior citizen like me. Many thanks to Mr. Pang for his clear and all-rounded explanations to back up his applicable lessons. "

L. Chu & JM Pang

Daiki Okuyama (2017)

posted Jan 19, 2017, 3:33 PM by JM Pang   [ updated Jan 19, 2017, 3:44 PM ]

Daiki Okuyama (2017)





Arfa, 2016

posted Nov 29, 2016, 1:21 AM by JM Pang

Wherever you are at and wherever you from, an aikidoka will be always welcomed by any other dojo around the world. We, from Ishinkan Aikido Dojo, Medan - Indonesia were having so much fun at Penang Aikido. We are warmly welcomed by Sensei Pang and members there.

Have you ever experienced the condition when you are so excited until an hour feels like just minutes. Yes!! It happens here at Penang Aikido and I believe that it's the basic harmony of Aikido. Not only in the training but also when we have fun together outside the class.

It's one of the best experience we have ever had in our Aikido journey to practise with Sensei Pang and members of Penang Aikido. We will be scheduling the next training at Penang Aikido again for sure.

We do look forward Sensei Pang and members of Penang Aikido to come to Medan.

Personal Warmest Regards,
Arfa, S.E., B.B.A., M.M., 1st Dan

Martin Dörr

posted Jan 19, 2016, 5:23 AM by JM Pang   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 8:48 PM ]

"Everywhere and, of course also in Penang, I felt very much welcome to train. In your dojo all were very motivated and enthusiastic about aikido and had a lot of energy. I enjoyed the smooth style you teach and the way you explained techniques! I enjoyed your group of motivated Aikidokas with every single one of them being very helpful and I even got a ride back to my hostel.

Thank you very again. If anyone ever comes to Germany - I'd be happy to introduce you to our dojo in Ingolstadt."

Best wishes,

Martin Dörr
(Started aikido in 2010 at the university in shinki rengo style. Changed to Aikikai style in 2011. Continued in 2013 in DAB style at Patrick David (3th Dan) in Ingolstadt. Started traveling in October 2015 and visited Dojos in Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Yangon.)

Mark Brown

posted Jan 14, 2016, 9:48 PM by JM Pang   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 8:49 PM ]
I enjoyed visiting the TSN dojo close to New Year's Day. Sensei Pang led an interesting practice with a kokyunage theme, both hands and with joh. The students were supportive and friendly. Thank you, Sensei Pang, for your instruction and your open hearted and sincere students.

I am a ni-dan from Victoria, BC, Canada at Victoria Aikikai, Sensei Scott Macphail. I began my aikido in the early 1990s under Hilary Dawson Sensei, U.Vic Aikido Club.

Mark Brown


posted Jul 23, 2015, 11:47 PM by JM Pang   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 8:49 PM ]

"Thank you for welcoming me to the Penang Dojo!  As a student from the U.S., I felt warmly welcomed and was treated with great kindness.  The techniques I learned and the philosophical background of Aikido have inspired me to continue to train and practice.
Thank you Mr. Pang for your attention, your expertise and your measured support and discipline.

I hope that our paths may cross again."


Professor of Sociology
Western New Mexico University

Van Tran

posted May 2, 2015, 9:37 PM by JM Pang   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 8:50 PM ]

My name is Van Tran, dojo cho of Tenshinkai Aikido of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK, USA. I am also the founder of Shodo Tai Chi Foundation. I have been practicing Aikido since 1969 with my sensei, Master Phong Dang of Westminster Aikikai - Tenshinkai Federation in Westminster, CA, USA. I have also been practicing Shodo Tai Chi since 2003.

While visiting Georgetown, I have visited and trained with sensei JM Pang's class at the Penang Aikido Dojo. So far I have made 2 visits: the first time in September of 2013, and the second time in February of 2015. Sensei Pang and the students in his class warmly welcome me to train with them. It was my great experience to meet and train with sensei Pang and his students at a dojo half way around the world from my home dojo. It proves that we are all under the same roof of Aikido, and the Aikido Friendship is real and invaluable. I noticed that all of sensei Pang's students are very happy, polite, and training very hard. The class is 1 hour and a half long, but at the end I had the feeling that the class was too short. That is how enjoyable the classes always are. I learned several great techniques from sensei Pang and will show my students at my home dojo. I have invited and wish that someday sensei Pang or any of his students will visit and train with us at my dojo.

Thank you very much sensei Pang for the warm welcome. Good luck with you, the Penang Aikido Dojo, and your students.

Pic above: Van Tran Sensei with JM Pang after keiko, February of 2015.

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