Aikido 合氣道

Welcome to Penang Aikido 槟城合氣道协会

Aikido offers practical self defence techniques that is based upon principles of non-aggression, non-resistance, and non-competitiveness. It is a modern Japanese martial art for modern life. Aikido also promotes good health and the development of the mind, body and spirit via various exercises.

Penang Aikido Association (PAA) is the official Penang state Aikido body registered under Malaysia Sports Commissioner, in compliance with the Sports Development Act 1997.  We are part of Seiichi Aikikai and Malaysia Aikido Association - our national Aikido body recognized by Aikikai Aikido World Headquarters, Malaysia National Sports Council and the Olympic Council of Malaysia. PAA is affiliated with Penang State Sports Council

Our martial arts centers offer full range of Aikido classes and Self Defense classes to schools, corporate and the public. Our dojo has accommodated more than hundred adult and children students from Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, U.S.A., U.K., Germany, etc. We aim to share the knowledge and joy of martial arts to people around the world.

Everyone is welcomed!


JM Pang

"It takes skill to win a fight; it takes wisdom to win without fighting."

PANG Jeng Min

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Classes & workshops available:-

For individuals

Aikido Adults & Children Class 合气道成人/儿童班

Private Class (1 to 1) 一对一教课

Woman Self Defense Class 自卫防身术

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For corporate & organizations

Organizational Leadership Skills with Aikido

Corporate Self Defense Workshop & Team Building

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We provide weapons (e.g. bokken, jo, tanto, weapons bag) for purchase. Please contact your local instructors for more information. 


Our organization is about martial arts - Aikido class in Penang, Aikikai Aikido in Malaysia. Children Class, Teenagers Class and Adults Class in Penang Island, Goergetown, Bayan Lepas, Perai/Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam. Learn self defence / self defense, Aikido, exercise, health and fitness, relaxation of body, mind, and spirit. Lady woman self defence / self defense class class. Aikido and martial arts training for Police and Security Officer.

However, if you are looking for Kungfu/Wushu, Judo, Karate, or Taekwondo class, we will direct you to the appropriate location. Thank you for visiting us!

Organisasi kami adalah mengenai seni mempertahankan diri - kelas Aikido di Pulau Pinang, Persatuan Aikido Negeri Pulau Pinang, Aikikai Aikido di Malaysia. Kelas Kanak-kanak, Kelas Remaja dan Kelas Dewasa di sekitar Pulau Penang, Goergetown, Bayan Lepas, Perai / Butterworth dan Bukit Mertajam. Belajar seni pertahanan diri, Aikido, senaman, kesihatan dan kecergasan, relaksasi badan, fikiran, dan semangat. Kelas pertahanan diri wanita. Aikido dan latihan seni bela diri untuk Polis dan Pegawai Keselamatan.

Sekiranya anda mencari kelas Kungfu / Wushu, Judo, Karate, atau Taekwondo, kami akan mengarahkan anda ke lokasi yang sesuai. Terima kasih!


我们的组织是关于武术 - 槟城合气道协会,马来西亚合气道协会。儿童班,少年班,成人班在槟城乔治市,槟城峇六拜,北海,大山脚区等等。槟城合气道道場,合气道槟城道場。合氣道。学习自卫防身,合气道,运动,健康和健身,放松身心,精神和精神等等。 女生/女孩自卫防身班。警察和保安员的合气道和武术训练。

但是,如果您正在寻找武术,柔道,空手道或跆拳道课,我们会将您定向到适当的位置。 感谢!