菅野誠一 Seiichi SUGANO Shihan (1939–2010)


“Aikido is a way. There is commitment and there is obligation. Do not abuse or misuse the art of Aikido. Study carefully, honestly and humbly. Respect your seniors and take care of your juniors."

- Seiichi Sugano Shihan

Seiichi Sugano (17 December 1939 - 29 August 2010) was a Japanese Aikido instructor who lived and taught in many Western countries. He held the rank of 8th Dan Aikikai. Sugano Shihan was born in Otaru, Hokkaido, and had been learning judo for six years when, around the age of 18, he went to train in Aikido. Sugano Shihan entered the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 1957 and by 1959 was a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba. In 1965, as a 5th Dan, he was appointed by the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, to introduce Aikido in Australia. In 1999, Sugano Shihan was invited by George Lo Sensei, visited and conducted Seminar in Malaysia. He accepted to guide the MAA in the same year.

Sugano Shihan maintained regular contact with the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and also the Ueshiba family. He traveled extensively during the year to give Aikido seminars, mainly in Europe and South East Asia. He visited Australia twice yearly and Malaysia once yearly to conduct the National Training Schools and dan grading. Sugano Shihan's Aikido was known for possessing both speed and power. His teaching emphasized timing and distance, within a fundamental study of basic technique. Weapons instruction followed a more organic style, with very little study of formal kata. Sugano Shihan's weapons instruction focused on correct body positioning and paired practice, which again emphasized the necessity of timing and distance.

In 2003, Sugano Shihan suffered a below the knee amputation, but he continued to teach and demonstrate aikido without any severe limitation. Sugano Shihan passed away in New York City on August 29, 2010.

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Dr. LEONG Sensei (6th Dan)


Senior instructor of Malaysia Aikido Association. Chief instructor of Seiichi Aikikai.


JM PANG (4th Dan)


Aikido instructor. Holds 4th Degree Aikido black belt (Aikikai, Japan), certified in Aikido Coaching and German-Malaysian Institute - HRDF trainer.  Was a Research and Development (R&D) Engineer with Degree in Electronics Engineering. A short interview can be found here.

JM Pang is the current President of Penang Aikido Association and instructor of Seiichi Aikikai. He studies Aikido for more than twenty years. 

Assistant Instructor(s)

YE Jian Kang (2nd Dan)


Commence Aikido practise in 2009 at Penang Aikido.

WEE Shou Chee (1st Dan)


Commence Aikido practise in 2012 at Penang Aikido.

Dojo Assistant(s)

Kesavan (3rd Kyu)


Commence Aikido practise in 2016 at Penang Aikido.

Edward CHENG (3rd Kyu)


Commence Aikido practise in 2017 at Penang Aikido.

Brandon KUM (4th Kyu)


Commence Aikido practise in 2014 at Penang Aikido.

Racheal HO (7th Kyu)


Commence Aikido practise in 2014 at Penang Aikido.

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