Van Tran

Post date: May 3, 2015 4:37:18 AM


My name is Van Tran, dojo cho of Tenshinkai Aikido of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK, USA. I am also the founder of Shodo Tai Chi Foundation. I have been practicing Aikido since 1969 with my sensei, Master Phong Dang of Westminster Aikikai - Tenshinkai Federation in Westminster, CA, USA. I have also been practicing Shodo Tai Chi since 2003.

While visiting Georgetown, I have visited and trained with sensei JM Pang's class at the Penang Aikido Dojo. So far I have made 2 visits: the first time in September of 2013, and the second time in February of 2015. Sensei Pang and the students in his class warmly welcome me to train with them. It was my great experience to meet and train with sensei Pang and his students at a dojo half way around the world from my home dojo. It proves that we are all under the same roof of Aikido, and the Aikido Friendship is real and invaluable. I noticed that all of sensei Pang's students are very happy, polite, and training very hard. The class is 1 hour and a half long, but at the end I had the feeling that the class was too short. That is how enjoyable the classes always are. I learned several great techniques from sensei Pang and will show my students at my home dojo. I have invited and wish that someday sensei Pang or any of his students will visit and train with us at my dojo.

Thank you very much sensei Pang for the warm welcome. Good luck with you, the Penang Aikido Dojo, and your students.


Pic above: Van Tran Sensei with JM Pang after keiko, February of 2015.