Special Aikido Class

Back in April 2023, I was contacted by a parent to hold a special Aikido class. The kids had no prior training in martial arts, and neither had I taught in such settings before.

Usually, I would decline to give extra classes due to my current commitments of multiple classes per day, 6 days a week. However, I always think that everyone is entitled to enjoy the benefits of martial arts and out of curiosity (having taught Aikido to some autistic therapists), I accepted the request.

So, the journey began. We agreed to hold the first class and see how it goes. I have taught hundreds of adults and children at this point in time, but have not specifically taught special kids. The first class was mainly for me to get to know them, and basic body movement exercises. In subsequent classes, I shared techniques as to how I would teach the others with slight modifications. I observed and continued to adjust. It was a two-way learning process.

It was physically challenging for me to continuously teach a few classes back-to-back on the same day, yet their eagerness to learn continues to amaze me. Without me realizing it, all of them had acquired the skills to go to the next rank after a few months of practicing in dojo. This was the result of the kids’ determination, as well as the relentless support and unconditional love from the parents. Well done!

And, thank you! I was grateful to meet you all and to be able to play a small role in your growth. Please continue to do your best while enjoying the training. 頑張ってください。I believe Aikido could be enjoyed by everyone if it is taught in the right way. I hope martial arts can continue to contribute to society and change lives for the better.


JM Pang

(Nov 2023)