Arfa, 2016

Post date: Nov 29, 2016 9:21:49 AM

Wherever you are at and wherever you from, an aikidoka will be always welcomed by any other dojo around the world. We, from Ishinkan Aikido Dojo, Medan - Indonesia were having so much fun at Penang Aikido. We are warmly welcomed by Sensei Pang and members there.Have you ever experienced the condition when you are so excited until an hour feels like just minutes. Yes!! It happens here at Penang Aikido and I believe that it's the basic harmony of Aikido. Not only in the training but also when we have fun together outside the class.It's one of the best experience we have ever had in our Aikido journey to practise with Sensei Pang and members of Penang Aikido. We will be scheduling the next training at Penang Aikido again for sure.We do look forward Sensei Pang and members of Penang Aikido to come to Medan.

Personal Warmest Regards,

Arfa, S.E., B.B.A., M.M., 1st Dan